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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mission?

Our Mission is to build a better Wind Turbine Energy System.  We are not re-inventing Wind Power, but using technology and processes in a new way to increase the output of Wind Power and produce a Wind Power System that is cost effective and affordable. 

What are the keys to success?

The key to success of Lancaster Wind Systems revolutionary design and technology is to solve the following problems:

What causes most of the inefficiencies and issues with wind energy?

Most of the inefficiencies and problems of wind energy are caused by the fact that the energy generated by a standard wind turbine cannot be stored efficiently. LWS has solved this problem. Using our technology allows not only the storage of energy, but a reduction in the number of wind turbines required to create it.

What is the benefit of LWS technology?

The benefits of LWS Technology:

The key to success is demonstrating to the world that our technology can increase the output of Wind Power without increasing the already substantial capital investment.  Over the last 20 years there has not been a drastic change in the core technology; though improvements have been made the core wind technology remains the same.